About Hj Teknik

The story behind Hj Teknik-Maskinservice ApS

The story behind Hj Teknik-Maskinservice ApS

Hj Teknik-Maskinservice ApS has been in business since 2011. Prior to 2011, founder Henrik Jørgensen was co-owner of one of the leading companies in the industry.

 Hj Teknik-Maskinservice ApS has many years of experience in the repair, service and maintenance of manufacturing and machine tools, as well as experience in project management and building specialised machines 

Around 2013, HJ Teknik Maskineservice ApS acquired the sole proprietorship, Lauritz-Automatik.


Henrik Jørgensen has always operated with the mindset that the best way to service the customer entails more than just performing mechanical repairs, such as changing the main bearings in an integral spindle. Effective service is also about being able to solve the customer's other mechanical problems–whether that be checking or changing an encoder, changing the plc program for the coolant system, pulling new cables in the energy chain, changing the power supply and basic troubleshooting etc.

The merger between the two sole proprietorships could enable these options.  

Henrik Jørgensen and Ronni Lauritz Andresen quickly realised that their customers were much happier since they could just call them up and say: "The machine isn’t working properly and we don’t know if it is mechanical issue or if it is due to the control or possibly an electrical problem". 

The development and expansion of the company has allowed them to offer a great deal of flexibility. 

Of course, Hj Teknik-Maskinservice ApS can’t solve all of your problems (but close to it). Therefore, over the years we have teamed up with some very talented and competent partners who help us out when we sometimes run up against a wall.  Whatever it takes, we will complete the job the customer asks us to do–without the customer having to put in a lot of effort to get the job done.

Today, Hj Teknik-Maskinservice ApS has a staff of 15 people  

  • 7 highly-skilled mechanical technicians.
  • 2 automation / electrical technicians.
  • 2 Office and administration
  • 1 Geometric check and laser measurement staff
  • 2 highly skilled blacksmiths / ventilation professionals who also help with relocation and foundations
  • 1 foundation / concrete staff

Therefore, we can take on any job within machine service, repair and production. You can read more about our areas of expertise on our website. 

Our employees help small and large companies keep their machinery and production installations up and running. The majority of our customers are in Denmark, but we also have many customers abroad.