Laser calibration and Geometry

Laser scanning and calibration/Geometry


Hj Teknik-Maskinservice ApS uses our cutting edge Renishaw measuring equipment to

help you perform:

  • Basic geometry
  • Calibration & tolerance checks
  • Measurement system calibration
  • B and C axis calibration
  • Circular interpolation

Basic geometry:

 Hj Teknik-Maskinservice ApS also performs all other types of geometric measurements and alignments. 

Machine tool alignments and adjustments are also performed with more traditional measuring tools, but we do this by combining traditional measuring techniques with the latest, cutting-edge technology.

We also use a variety of different electronic machine spirit levels. 

The alignment and adjustment of your machine always includes a written report that documents the results.

Calibration & tolerande checks:

With our extensive experience and an investment in the newest, most precise measuring equipment available on the market, Hj Teknik-Maskinservice ApS has taken the lead in calibration, geometry and tolerance checks. 

Therefore, we can quickly and accurately check a machine’s performance, and in most cases, we can also optimize the machine so that precision is increased and it meets all requirements. 

We are often able to diagnose a problem with a machine based on the customer's description of the problem. If we need more information, a quick on-site test of the machine can identify any problems and what might be causing them.

Machine systems calibration:

Hj Teknik-Maskinservice ApS uses the latest Renishaw laser interferometer for the calibration of measurement systems. 

The laser interferometer system allows us to calibrate a machine so that it operates within very small tolerances. 

 (The measuring equipment provides measurements within an accuracy of less than 0.001 mm) 

Our calibration service always includes written documentation of the results.

Of course, calibration of measuring systems on CNC machines is always done with full traceability.

B and C axis calibration:

Hj Teknik-Maskinservice ApS can also calibrate a rotary table or a C axis on a lathe, a level of expertise that is new to Denmark. 

Using our Renishaw measuring equipment, we can check and calibrate a rotary table axis with a level of precision down to +/- 1 second of arc.

Circular Interpolation:

Of course, Hj Teknik-Maskinservice ApS can also test the circular milling performance of a milling machine.

This can be done in all of the machine’s levels.

Often, we also perform a volumetric measurement that shows how the machine performs in 3D. 

Such a test is often also performed in connection with an inspection or other type of machine check.

During the test, we can simulate any repair or calibration so that you can see what to expect in terms of results. 

And of course, any measurement and testing completed with this equipment is also traceable.